1-Watercolor course
Fees: Rs 18,000/245 USD

Every Saturday & Sunday 2 hours
Total: 32 Classes

a-Basic drawing Course for Beginners

How to develop your drawing skills.


  • Still Life

  • Perspective study

  • How to construct Figures in simplified way

  • Rendering techniques with pencil, Charcoal 

  • Fundamentals of Composition & arrangements of figures

  • How to make layouts

b-Watercolor course

  • Start with Still Life

  • Floral studies

  • How to construct & paint Figures in your composition

  • How to paint Landscapes 

  • How to paint compositions like streets scenes (cityscapes), Boats & how to add figures in it

  • Fundamentals of Compositions

  • How to make portraits

  • How to make Aerial (top)views 

2-Certificate in Fine Arts (CFA)
Fees: Rs25,000/340 USD

3 Days a week
Total: 48 classes/ 4 months
  • Basic Drawing & Sketching

  • Rendering techniques

  • Floral, still life, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, stylization

Mediums : 

  • Pen & Ink

  • Soft & oil Pastels

  • Charcoal study

  • Watercolor

  • Oil Color

  • Acrylics

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